Spirit of Life Church was previously known as Revival Ministries UK, a mainstream Pentecostal Charismatic Word of Faith church planted in the year 2000.  In 2009 the church changed its name to Spirit of Life Church after re-examining its Pentecostal Charismatic Word of Faith beliefs. That re-examination brought to light various inconsistencies with what the bible actually taught. The inconsistencies and error led to the regular gathering of a large crowd but not the building of God’s church.

The best way to deal the inconsistencies and errors was to start all over again. After having counted the cost, the previous church was completely dismantled. Members who did not agree with the new direction were given the opportunity to fellowship elsewhere. In 2009 the foundations for a new church with a much smaller congregation, smaller leadership but a larger and deeper biblical conviction, were laid. Today Spirit of Life Church holds to a Reformed Doctrine.

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